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When I opened a small retail business on Calle Ocho in 2010, I also started working on the website that would become LittleHavanaGuide.com. I wanted to create a guide useful to both tourists and locals like myself.

I walked the streets of Little Havana, talking with fellow residents and mom & pop business owners, discovering hidden courtyards, hospitable old folks who invited me to join them for a cafe Cubano, soccer players. I ate every kind of cuisine I could find, and the business owners or other locals were happy to explain to me the cuisine from their countries of origin. I danced at rumba gatherings, learned the bachata, and participated in saint processions.

I became more active in the neighborhood, co-founding the Little Havana Merchant Alliance, advocating for more shade trees and better crosswalks, and joining the boards of Little Havana nonprofits and community initiatives. There, I learned all the ways that fellow locals can participate in the decisions affecting Little Havana’s future.

I wrote more than 100 original articles for the LittleHavanaGuide.com site by the time I launched it in 2011. Yet I faced a dilemma when I entered graduate school in 2013. How could I possibly keep the site updated? I had numerous listings mentioned on the site, and yet businesses were constantly closing and opening. I took down most of the content while I focused on graduate school.

It’s now 2017, and I’m in the last year of my PhD program. It’s time to bring LittleHavanaGuide.com back! I’ve removed the business listings from most pages and will be incorporating some of it into blog posts, so it is clear that the information might change. I’m slowly adding content to the site, which is now in WordPress, so please bear with me!

This site is completely supported by me: Corinna Moebius. If you like it, and want to support what I’m doing, why not take one of my Little Havana Tours, or one offered by my fellow guide Ralph de la Portilla? You’ll be helping me finish graduate school, too.

For more information about how this project got started (my Little Havana story), please read my bio.



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