You can reach me via the contact form below or by phone at (305) 814-8884 between the hours of 9 am to 5 pm EST. I MAY NOT RESPOND QUICKLY to your inquiries (ESPECIALLY PHONE CALLS), not because I don’t want to hear from you, but because I am in graduate school and have a very busy schedule. Please try to reach me through this contact phone versus calling me. Thank you! :-)

If you are interested in booking public or private tour, please visit my Tours page and use my booking system. If you want a private tour but the date you want is not available, I may still be able to do the tour but at a higher price. If you are willing to pay $150 more towards the tour, then I may be able to squeeze it into my schedule! Check the box below if you are writing about a special private tour. If you are contacting me at the last minute about such a tour, in all likelihood I will not be able to do it, unfortunately.